Column: Oh… My… J…

Never before the hunt for the Dutch contestant for the ESC was as big as this year.
No doubt, last years victory has risen the expectations of the Dutch for this year, because that’s how it works in this country: if you lose the contest it sucks and must by abolished, if you win you have to win again the following year.

But who will follow in the footsteps of Duncan? Only a handful of people know and for the time being keep their jaws together. Nevertheless, there is considerable speculation.
Both by the fans and by the media, who bring it  as if it is the truth.

The madness only really struck after DJ Timur from Radio 2 managed to announce that this year’s participant has a first name that starts with the letter J.
Fortunately, that minimizes the possibilities considerably and crossing my mind, 3Js, Jannes, Jan Keizer, Jan Smit (why not a double role), Jill Helena, Joan Franca, Jordan Roy and Jeangu Macrooy.

The latter is the gossip of the day and was launched by, completely out of the blue, but from very reliable sources.
No doubt, not the other very reliable sources  from Shownieuws. They reported yesterday, from a reliable source, that 4 artists still had a chance to defend the title. However … one thing … only one name started with a J, which in turn does not match the reliable sources of DJ Timur.
For the time being I am going for the reliable sources of Jeangu’s chances are very high, because I had to google him, the only artist in the Netherlands that I had to google in the past won, and I am my own source, which is very reliable.

Wouldn’t it  be handy in the future if all sources would coordinate with each other …


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