Semifinals in Sweden and Portugal

Tonight, two more semifinals will be held: in Sweden and in Portugal.

We start with Sweden. The show starts at 20:00 CET and can be watched here. It is the last regular semifinal; next week we will have a second chance contest (Andra Chancen) and the week after Sweden selects it’s entry. The contestants are:

  • Frida Öhrn, “We are one”
  • William Stridh, “Molnljus”
  • Nanne Grönvall, “Carpool karaoke”
  • Victor Crone, “Troubled waters”
  • Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron, “Surface”
  • Jakob Karlberg, “Om du tror att jag saknar dig”
  • Hanna Ferm, “Brave”

Ellen Benediktson took part in the 2014 and 2015 Melodifestivalen. Her duetpartner Simon Peyron was also present in 2014 as a member of the band Outrigger. Hanna Ferm took part in 2019. Victor Crone took part in 2015 and represented Estonia last year in the international final. Nanne Grönvall represented Sweden in 1996, with the band One More Time. Besides, she took part numerous times in Melodifestivalen, both with the band Sound of Music and as a solo singer. She also took part once in A Song For Europe, the Brittish national final.

Portugal starts at 22.45 CET. You can watch the show here and here. The participants are:

  • MEERA, “Copo de gin”
  • Filipe Sambado, “Gerbera amarela do sul”
  • Ian Mucznik, “O dia de amanhã”
  • Bárbara Tinoco, “Passe-partout”
  • Blasted Mechanics, “Rebellion”
  • Elisa, “Medo de sentir”
  • JJaZZ, “Agora”
  • Throes + The Shine, “Movimento”

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