Russia selects tonight

Tonight, at 18.00 CET, Russia will have its national final. You can watch it here. The contestants are…

And that is where the problem starts. We don’t know anything about the contestants. Russian broadcaster Channel 1 keeps everything secret. We only know rumours. One of the rumours is that Little Big is somehow involved in the show. But whether they will perform as guests or as participants is still a question. Several sources mention them as contestants, while others say they will not participate. Last year, Little Big was supposed to be the Russian contestant with the song “Uno”.

Popular  Russian singer Alexander Panayotov is another name that is mentioned. And even the name Maruv, the singer who was supposed to represent Ukraine in 2019, is one of the artists rumoured.

Is there anything we dó know? Yes, there is. Philipp Kirkorov and Natalia Gordienko will perform in the show, but not as participants.


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