North Macedonia to withdraw?

photo: MRT

A storm came up when the video of the North Macedonian entry “Here I stand” appeared. In the video, the colors of the Bulgarian flag are shown. Vasil, the North Macedonian singer, is a member of the Bulgarian minority in North Macedonia. Many people in North Macedonia objected against Vasil as a participant. A petition was signed already 17.000 times.

North Macedonian television station MRT came with a statement today: “Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) has established a commision, to review and analyze all aspects of the public reactions related to the Eurovision Song Contest. The public service broadcaster will also take into account the obligations as a participating country, as well as an active member of the European Broadcasting Network , where MRT is an integral part of the public service association in the European Union. The public will be informed about MRT’s final decision“.

If North Macedonia withdraws from the contest, they will face a fine. Hopefully they will not, especially as Vasil had to wait so long to represent his country.


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