Eden Alene represents Israel

Eden Alene is the winner of Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion, the Israeli national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She won the contest with a landslide! She will, on march 3rd, perform 3 songs, one of which she will sing in Rotterdam at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. 

The show started with two duels:
Eden Alene vs. Orr Amrani-Brockman
Ella-Lee Lahav vs Gaya Shaki
Eden Alene was saved by the juries and continued too.

The final result was:

1 Eden Alene, 260 pt.
2 Ella-Lee Lahav, 182 pt.
3 Orr Amrani-Brockman, 158 pt.

Photo: Ronen Ackerman


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