Our predictions for the first semifinal

Tomorrow, the moment is there. We will have the first semifinal for the Eurovision Song Contest. What does the team of Eurovision Universe think? You will read it here.

In fact, we are convinced of a final place for these countries:

  • Albania, after all the fuzz around the act. Song and act are strong, Rona will qualify!
  • Latvia: A song about veggies and (….). Cheerful, colourful and with a very modern topic.
  • Lithuania: The act might not be what Monika wished for, but the song will stand out.
  • Switzerland: The swiss song is in the style of Duncan Laurence and Gjon’s Tears, but less strong. It’s gonna be hard for Switzerland, but it is possible.
  • Ukraine, because…. it’s Ukraine. The country is the hot favourite to even win the final.
  • The Netherlands, S10 manages to tell the people where she sings about. Even in Dutch!
  • Portugal: You can’t explain “Saudade” in any other language. MARO explains it by music. Not a sure qualifier, but we think it will.
  • Greece; there is no such a song in Eurovision this year. It is unique and the act is strong.
  • Norway, because every year needs an act like this. People vote for yellow masked wolves.
  • Armenia: The song is strong, the singing is strong, the act is strong….. it has written final all over!


But of course, we wish all the artists good luck. Tomorrow, by this time, we will know more….









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