France decided: it’s Alvan & Ahez

“C’est vous qui décidez”, that was the title of the French selection. And France decided. Alvan & Ahez will represent the country with the song “Fulenn” written and composed by Marine Lavigne and Alvan Morvan Rosius. France will go directly to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.

The full result of the contest is:

  • Alvan & Ahez, “Fulenn” (finalist)
  • Cyprien Zeni, “Ma famille” (wildcard finalist)
  • Elia, “Téléphone”
  • Elliott, “La tempête” (finalist)
  • Hélène in Paris, “Paris mon amour”
  • Joan, “Madame”
  • Joanna, “Navigateure”
  • Julia, “Chut”
  • Marius, “Les chansons d’amour” (finalist)
  • Pauline Chagne, “Nuit Pauline” (finalist)
  • Saam, “Il est où?”
  • SOA, “Seule” (finalist)


  1. Alvan & Ahez, “Fulenn”, 222 pts.
  2. Pauline Chagne, “Nuit Pauline”, 172 pts.
  3. SOA, “Seule”, 140 pts.
  4. Marius, “Les chansons d’amour”, 120 pts.
  5. Cyprien Zeni, “Ma famille”, 94 pts.
  6. Elliott, “La tempête”, 92 pts.


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