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The Duskeys

Group members:Sandy Kelly
Barbara Ellis
Nina Duskey
Dan Duskey
National Finals:Irish National Song Contest 1981, 1982
ESC Entries:Here today, gone tomorrow (1982)


In 1980, Sandy Kelly teamed up with Barbara Ellis and Nina Duskey to form The Duskey Sisters. In 1980, their debut single “Don’t feel like dancing” was released. In 1981, they participated in the Irish National Song Contest with the song “Where does that love come from?” and became 3rd. One year later, Nina’s brother Dan joined them and as The Duskeys they represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Here today, gone tomorrow”. The group followed this up with the singles “Our Love is Slippin’ Away” and “We Got Love” and they toured Ireland for the next two years. In late 1983, the group were involved in a road accident while on tour which effectively ended the group. The following year, Sandy Kelly launched a successful solo career, scoring a number of hits on the Irish charts, including two singles she recorded with Johnny Cash. Under the name of Michael Palace, Dan Duskey later fronted the group Palace that finished 5th in the 1986 British national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Dancing with you again”.


Artist:The Duskeys
Song:Here today, gone tomorrow
Lyrics:Sally Keating
Composer(s):Sally Keating
Conductor:Noel Kelehan
Running order:16
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