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Malik Harris

©EBU/Corinne Cummings


Quick Facts

Malik Harris

27 august 1997

🇩🇪 German

National Selection
Germany 12 Points 2022

In Eurovision
2022 Turin

Rockstars (2022)


Malik Harris (born 1997 in Landsberg am Lech) is a German pop singer, rapper and songwriter. 

Harris is the son of the US ex-talk show host Ricky Harris; he grew up in Issing bei Vilgertshofen near Landsberg am Lech. 

Harris began his musical career with cover songs, accompanying himself with the guitar, which he has been playing since he was 13 years old. As well as playing the guitar, Harris taught himself how to play the keyboard and operate the drum machine. 

Harris studied Spanish and French at the University of Augsburg, but dropped out because it didn’t fulfill him.

His first singles “Say the Name” (2018) and “Welcome to the Rumble” (2019) became hits in the airplay charts and on streaming platforms such as Spotify. After Malik Harris was signed to Universal Music Group, his EP “Like That Again was released in the summer of 2019, followed by the single “Home”. In May 2019, his first solo tour began. He also opened  for international acts such as James Blunt, Alex Clare, Jeremy Loops, Tom Odell and LP.

Malik Harris was the first German artist to be seen on a Times Square billboard in New York City for a week when his single “When We’ve Arrived” was released in October 2020. Following his successful 2020 releases like the Black Lives Matter anthem “Faith”, Harris’ debut album “Anonymous Colonist” was released in August 2021.

With his song “Rockstars”, Harris won the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, where he represented his country.



🇩🇪 Germany



Malik Harris
Marianne Kobylka

Robin Karow

Malik Harris
Marianne Kobylka

Robin Karow



Results Semi

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –

Results Finals

Points:  6
Position:  26
Running order:  13

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