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Malcolm Roberts

Name:Malcolm James Roberts
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1991
ESC Entries:Children, Kinder, enfants (1985)


Malcolm Roberts was a British singer. He was born in Manchester. He began his career as an actor with a small role in ‘Coronation Street’. He played roles in ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Maggie May’. In 1967, his debut single “Time alone will tell” entered the UK charts, followed by his biggest hit “May I Have the Next Dream With You”. His last hit in 1969 was “Love is all”. After this, he concentrated on television. He appeared in several tv-shows in the United States. He worked as a pantomime player. Roberts also wrote songs for other artists, such as Linsey De Paul. He represented Luxembourg in the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest and also did an attempt to represent the United Kingdom in 1991.
Malcolm Roberts died of a heart attack on 7 February 2003.

In 1985, Ralph Siegel got the idea of three duo’s from respectively France, Germany and the United Kingdom, to represent Luxembourg. However, the French duo contained a Dutch and a Belgian singer. The song “Children, Kinder, enfants” contained three different languages.


Artist:Margo, Franck Olivier, Diane Solomon, Ireen Sheer, Chris Roberts & Malcolm Roberts
Song:Children, Kinder, enfants
Lyrics:Bernd Meinunger
Jean-Michel Bériat
Composer(s):Ralph Siegel
Conductor:Norbert Daum
Running order:18
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