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Davorin Popović

Name:Davorin Popović
National Finals:

BH Eurosong 1995

ESC Entries:Dvadeset prvi vijek


Davorin Popović  was a Bosnian singer and songwriter. He was well known throughout the former Yugoslavia. He was the lead singer and frontman of the progressive and pop rock band Indexi throughout most of their career.I n parallel with the group work, he pursued a solo career between 1975 and 1996, alway in a non-continuous manner. On most of his solo works one or another line-up of Indexi played as backing studio musicians, so his solo career is closely related with that of the band itself. He released his first soloalbum “Svaka je ljubav ista osim one prave” in 1976. He died on 18 June 2001, three months before his 55th birthday. As a sign of the highest appreciation of the city for his artistic work, he was interred in the Alley of Greats at Bare Cemetery, a prestigious place reserved for exceptional Sarajevo citizens. He is interred next to his friend and bandmate, the lead guitarist of Indexi Slobodan-Bodo Kovačević. The Bosnian music award Davorin was named in his honor, (later renamed into Indexi (award) in 2008 ), as well as a Sarajevo basketball tournament (named under his nickname “Dačo”).



Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Artist:Davorin Popović
Song:Dvadeset prvi vijek
Lyrics:Zlatan Fazlić

Sinan Alimanović

Zlatan Fazlić

Conductor:Sinan Alimanović
Running order:4
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